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Sudan, the last male northern white rhino and oxpecker Sudan, the last male northern white rhino with oxpecker
Nicky, b.2012, blind baby rhino from Lewa, Kenya Sudan's dung beetles
Nero and Pasha bronze lions statuette Rosie and MC, White rhino with oxpeckers
Athena, Matriarch big tusker from the Elephant Queen movie with youngsters Mighty Ibong, black rhino
Baby Camel bronze sculpture BUSH BABY
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Signed and numbered limited edition of 9

33 x 15 x 15cm

This work was sculpted from life in the Lapalala Game Reserve, Waterberg, South Africa. These tame bush babies were being rehabilitated into the wild. They were an exceedingly tricky subject, constantly jumping around and as they are only active at night, I had a brief period as the sun went down to watch them and in Africa the sun goes down fast! They are the most beautiful, delightful and charming creatures to watch.

bronze sculpture BUSH BABY

Clay for bronze<br />- work in progress.

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This photo was taken while working in the Lapalala Game Reserve in the Waterberg, South Africa. These bush babies were being rehabilitated to the wild by Rene Walker.

It is always very touching when my subjects momentarily recognise something in my work and inspect it. I can't help wondering what they are thinking and wishing I knew!

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