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Sudan, the last male northern white rhino and oxpecker Sudan, the last male northern white rhino with oxpecker
Nicky, b.2012, blind baby rhino from Lewa, Kenya Sudan's dung beetles
Nero and Pasha bronze lions statuette Rosie and MC, White rhino with oxpeckers
Athena, Matriarch big tusker from the Elephant Queen movie with youngsters Mighty Ibong, black rhino
Baby Camel bronze sculpture BUSH BABY
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Sudan's dung beetles


Signed and numbered limited edition of 12

11 x 14 x 14cms

These beetles were observed and made during my time sculpting Sudan, the last male northern white rhino from life in Kenya. Over the months sculpting Sudan I saw how many small species share a symbiotic relationship with mega fauna, such as rhino,  so their extinction will impact on a whole ecosystem. To the Ancient Egyptians the dung beetle or scarab beetle was seen as a symbol of the heavenly cycle, representing the idea of rebirth and regeneration.