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Sudan, the last male northern white rhino and oxpecker Sudan, the last male northern white rhino with oxpecker
Nicky, b.2012, blind baby rhino from Lewa, Kenya Sudan's dung beetles
Nero and Pasha bronze lions statuette Rosie and MC, White rhino with oxpeckers
Athena, Matriarch big tusker from the Elephant Queen movie with youngsters Mighty Ibong, black rhino
Baby Camel bronze sculpture BUSH BABY
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Sudan, the last male northern white rhino and oxpecker


120 x 59 x 28cm plus plinth (1/3rd life)

Sudan, who died in March, was sculpted in 2016 specifically to remember and commemorate him and his species, which are now functionally extinct (only 2 females remain alive) and to raise awareness of the extinction crisis. The oxpecker, who Camilla often saw with Sudan and dung beetles were included to symbolise the critical impact of the loss of large herbivores on whole ecosystems. The flying bird is also a commonly used symbol in art historically, representing the winged soul leaving in death, in this case for Sudan and his species.This one-third life size enlargement is her interim step to life size and was a finalist for theDavid Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year this year. Camilla has toured the work around various high profile events in summer of 2018 to help raise awareness of the crisis facing all rhino species. Despite the trade in rhino horn being banned since 1977, all 5 rhino species are severely threatened by poaching with well over 1,000 killed annually. DSWT feature on the work:link here.